This link has some really useful information on it about getting married in church, and is the best place to start as you think about your wedding:


Please also feel free to contact Eleanor, our vicar, on 01353 725948, or by email


If you are getting married in St Andrew's, your Banns will be called during our main Sunday service, usually on the first three Sundays of the month before your wedding (for example, if you are getting married in July, Banns will be called on the first three Sundays in June). Once the minister leading the service has read your Banns, s/he will also say a prayer for you. You are welcome to come along to church to hear your Banns being called, but you are not required to be there.

If you or your partner lives in another parish you must contact the Priest in charge of that parish at least three months before your wedding in order to arrange for the Banns to be read there as well. You will need to collect a certificate from that parish to show that the Banns have been called. The Priest who is to conduct your marriage service needs to have seen this certificate before s/he can marry you. (If you both live in this parish this does not apply).

Wedding Fees

Please contact us for current rates. Please note that cheques should be made out to Soham PCC



If you wish to speak to one of the flower arranging team about flowers for your wedding, please contact: Linda Logan on 01353 724064

Photographs and Video-recordings

You are very welcome to have photographs or recordings taken at your wedding. Additional fees may apply for video recordings, however, so please let us know if you're planning on having one made.

Hymns and music

There is no requirement to have hymns as part of your wedding service, but if you'd like to include them, you'll find a useful list of suggestions here: Eleanor will be very happy to discuss hymns and music with you when you meet with her.